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Daniel Hellman

Specialization: Adoption
Mail: info@knoxvilleadoptionattorney.com
Phone: (865) 705-6424


Dan Hellman serves as a Guardian Ad Litem for children who are dependent and neglected in East Tennessee. He got into adoption law as a natural addition to any attorney’s practice when representing so many dependent children in East Tennessee. Dan is a family oriented attorney who at any one time represents 30-45 sibling sets that are in foster care or otherwise subject to action in Juvenile Court. Dan also handles adoptions in Knox County and surrounding counties all over East Tennessee. Call 865-705- 6424 for more information on counties where Dan is available.

Dan has had the opportunity to work on a daily basis with Pre-Adoptive Foster Care Parents and recognizes the need for attorneys who are willing to work with such families not just in the actual adoption process, but throughout their fostering of children. The most common theme heard from Pre-Adoptive Foster Parents is “I don’t know what’s going on or what is happening next”. To such end Dan makes his door open to most Pre-Adoptive Foster Care Parents for brief consultations. Call 865-705- 6424 for a free consultation.

Dan is a veteran of the US Army, serving both in the 1 st Infantry Division in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. After college he served in the National Guard here in East Tennessee with the 278 th ACR.

When he is not working with foster care children and doing Adoptions Dan is running all over the South with his two soccer playing children, fishing, or just hanging out at the lake.

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